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Disclaimer on data accuracy:

There are many different factors that influence how many people visit touristic hotspots. Although takes multiple datasets in consideration, the data we provide over the API, widget and website are estimates. We cannot know for certain if a cruise ship will arrive or if we have all relevant school vacations registered in our system.

For example, we have no Australian school vacations in our system although we know Ozzies like to travel too. Other factors, both known and unknown, might influence how crowded a city is. Our aim is to give you all information needed to make your own assessment. doesn’t guarantee that shown data or the crowd forecast score is correct.

The forecast score is a beta release and a quantified summary of all other available data. This is a manual interpretation and will improve over time. The score shows the trend and do not necessarily reflect a specific number of people and/or how a busy a destination is.

What is the Avoid Crowds Score?

The Avoid Crowds Score is a ranking that shows you how busy a destination is expected to be. With a score from 1 to 100 we predict crowds. We take all available tourism data into consideration when calculating the Avoid Crowds score.

The Score takes all these ‘basic data’ points into consideration and summarizes it in a simple score from 1 to 100. In peak season, it is likely that all days are considered busy and they will all have a score of 100.

How are cities selected? What regions are available through the API and widgets?

You can find this information on destinations page.

How does sources its data?

We source our data based on availability and needs. Some of our data, such as public holidays and school vacations, are sourced through official government websites. Other data, such as local events, are based on desk research.

How can I contact Avoid Crowds?

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you prefer e-mail, is the easiest way to reach us. If you prefer using a contact form, go to contact page.

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